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Deposit Contest
Published on 01-11-2017

Hello dear Trustclix members.

We have a good news for you, We will launch a Deposit Contest.
It will start now, and finish on 1 December 2017. (server time)


Deposit the maximum of money during the last 30 days and get upto 20% back in Purchase Balance:-

-1st place will get 20% on each $ deposited.

-After the First position, the percentage value will be:
(on each $ deposited)
-Second position: 10%
-Third position: 7%
-Fourth position: 4%
-5th until 10th position: 1%

All deposits made through Paypal, Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin and Perfect Money will count.

Click Here to see Leaderboard and see Prizes.


Free Rented referrals!

You now get 1 free rented referrals each 1$ deposited.
Free rented referrals added manually othewise open the support ticket



Happy Earning!

2ND points contest worth 800$
Published on 02-09-2017

Hello dear Trustclix members. We are happy to announce2ND point contest.
Starts from today September 2ND 0:00:00 server time, and ends on 1st October at the server time of 23:59:59.

We successfully completed our 1st points contest. Congratulations to our 1st points contest winners.

2ND contest collecting points rules.
-> Per DR=10 points.
->Per each dollar deposit=10points+1RR.
-> Per ad click = 1 point.
-> Forum post= 1 point
-> Complete offer= 3points.
-->> special pack mega= 5000 points (best choice)

(Special offer to all:= In this points contest running time membership discounts up-to 300$ off)

Contest prizes:
1st prize 300$.
2ND prize 200$

Happy Contest,

Membership Promo
Published on 02-09-2017

Dear Members,

Today we launched the membership promotion.

Silver prize-6.50$(2$ discount- now 4.5$)
Golden prize-15$(5$ discount- now 10$)
Platina prize-30$( 10$ discount- now 20$)
Ultimate prize-65$(20$ discount- now 45$)
Dimond prize-350$( 100$ discount- now 250$)
Royal prize-800$( 300$ discount- now 500$ only)

This promo ends on 1st Sep 23:59:59 server time.
The promo are instant.

Please remember the points contest ends 1st Sep 23:59 server time.

Happy Earnings!

Promote Trustclix on Neobux
Published on 28-08-2017

Hello Dear Trustclix members,

Today we are happy to announce a new promotion

Earn Money by promote Trustclix on neobux.

Currently the promotion is active for 12 hour, 1,and 3 day fixed advertisements. According to Neobux's fees table, here would be the costs:
Neobux Fixed Exposure Unlimited for 12 hours: $50
Neobux Fixed Exposure Unlimited for 1 days: $85
Neobux Fixed Exposure Unlimited for 3 days: $249

If you buy 12 hours fixed ads on Neobux , you will get $20 back to your Trustclix purchase balance + 50 RR (value off $30)
If you buy 1 days fixed ads on Neobux , you will get $40 back to your Trustclix purchase balance + 100 RR (value off $60)
If you buy 3 days fixed ads on Neobux , you will get $150 back to your Trustclix purchase balance + 250 RR (value off $200)

Best regards,


New Security Feature
Published on 21-08-2017

Dear members,

Today we installed the newest security feature; PIN confirmation. It gives you the opportunity to make your account even stronger.

You are free to go to your personal settings page and set up your PIN code. It will protect your account from hackers and thus no one but you will be able to cash out, change your emails and processing funds between the main and the purchase balance.

I strongly recommend to you to set up your PIN code immediately. You can set your pin in personal settings page.

If you have any questions or doubts, you may open a support ticket anytime.


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